List of rulers of Tuscany

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Marquis of Tuscany

House of Bonifacius


  • 931-936: Boso
  • 936-961: Humbert
  • 961–1001: Hugo the Great (Duke of Spoleto & Camerino 989–1001)

Diverse families

Tuscany was then divided into the republics of Florence , Pisa , Siena , Arezzo , Pistoia and Lucca . The Florentine Republic gained supremacy in Tuscany in the 15th century.

Authoritative politicians of the Republic of Florence ( Medici )

Dukes of Florence (Medici)

Grand Dukes of Tuscany (Medici)

Grand Duke of Tuscany ( Lorraine )

Grand Dukes of Tuscany ( Austria-Lorraine )

Kings of Etruria ( Bourbon-Parma )

  • 1801–1803: Ludwig I (Lodovico or Luigi di Borbone)
  • 1803–1807: Karl Ludwig (Carlo Lodovico or Luigi di Borbone)

(Titular) Grand Duchess of Tuscany ( Bonaparte )

Grand Dukes of Tuscany (Habsburg-Lothringen)

Annexation by the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont