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coat of arms
Arezzo (Italy)
Country Italy
region Tuscany
province Arezzo  (AR)
Coordinates 43 ° 28 '  N , 11 ° 53'  E Coordinates: 43 ° 28 '0 "  N , 11 ° 53' 0"  E
height 296  m slm
surface 386 km²
Residents 99,258 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density 257 inhabitants / km²
Post Code 52100
prefix 0575
ISTAT number 051002
Popular name Aretini
Patron saint San Donato
Website Arezzo
Piazza Grande with the church "Santa Maria della Pieve"
Piazza Grande with the church "Santa Maria della Pieve"

Arezzo ( Latin Arretium , Etruscan Aritim ) is a city with 99,258 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2019) in the central Italian region of Tuscany , northeast of Siena . It is the capital of the province of the same name and the fourth largest city in Tuscany (after Florence , Livorno and Prato ).

With its merchant palaces, patrician houses and sacred buildings, Arezzo is a jewel of medieval architecture and culture.


The city is of Etruscan origin and was called Aritim in Etruscan . It belonged to the League of Twelve Cities of the most powerful Etruscan cities and was on the ancient Via Cassia . In the late Augustan period, there were important factories for the production of Italian terra sigillata here . Arezzo was the seat of a bishopric from the 4th century AD , and the seat of a count in the Lombard and Carolingian times; Subordinated to the Marquis of Tuscany in the post-Carolingian period. The noble and episcopal administration was replaced in the early 12th century by the consular constitution that became common in Italy.

At the beginning of the 13th century, the communal movement replaced the old government, which was now entirely provided by the consul. The associated struggles between the people ( popolo ) and the aristocratic families continued, however, as there was general social unrest in most of the municipalities of Upper and Central Italy at this time. The city was considered Ghibelline and thus loyal to the emperor. In addition to Pisa , it was the only commune in Tuscany to stick to it in the early 14th century. Emperor Henry VII stayed in Arezzo for some time and passed several laws there.

Patrician houses on the edge of the Piazza Grande
Piazza Grande in Arezzo

The commune soon fell to Florence. There were riots, but apart from a few episodes, it remained under Florentine rule. The city ​​fell into disrepair under the Medici and its heyday in the 13th century had long since passed.


At the beginning of the 13th century a university was founded by students who had emigrated from Bologna . The focus in Arezzo was also jurisprudence, as well as medicine. In the 14th century, however, the university fell into disrepair and soon went under. Today the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Siena is located in Arezzo .

coat of arms

Description: In silver, a black horse jumping to the right (heraldic: left) . The five-towered golden crown of the wall above the shield .

List of localities in the municipality

In Italy, municipalities can be divided into fractions , which in German roughly means "localities". In Arezzo there are the following fractions ( Italian frazioni ):

Agazzi, Antria, Battifolle, Battifolle-Ruscello-Poggiola, Bossi-Cellaio, Bottega, Buon Riposo, Campi, Campoluci, Casa al Cincio, Casa alla Sisa, Ceciliano, Chiassa, Chiassa-Tregozzano, Donatiella, Dosso, Frassineto-Molinus Bianco, Gaville, Giovi d'Arezzo, Giovi-Ponte alla Chiassa, Gorgone-Marmorino, I Ponti, I Sadotti, Il Busco, Il Matto, Il Torre, Indicatore, La Costa, La Filandra, La Pazienza, Le Lastre, Le Poggiacce , Lentignano, Madonna di Mezzastrada, Marcena, Meliciano, Molin Bianco-Pian d'Usciano, Molin Nuovo, Molinelli, Monte Petrognano, Monte Sopra Rondine, Muciafora, Mugliano-Fattoria Mugliano, Olmo, Osteria Nuova, Ottavo, Palazzetti, Palazzo del Pero , Patrignone, Peneto, Petrognano Basso, Pieve al Bagnoro, Poggiola, Policiano, Ponte alla Chiassa, Ponte Buriano-Cincelli, Porcile, Poggiolo, Pratantico, Pratantico-Indicatore, Puglia, Quarata, Ranco di Frassinlo, Salcutino, Rondine -Formicheto-Osteria, San Cassiano, San Firenze-Fonte di Sala, San Giulian o d'Arezzo, San Leo, San Polo, San Zeno, Santa Firmina, Santa Maria alla Rassinata, Sargiano, Scopeto, Sereni, Staggiano, Stoppedarca, Stroppiello, Talzano, Terrarossa, Tregozzano, Venere, Vitiano


Not far from Ponte Buriano (frazione di Arezzo) is the bridge on Strada Provinciale Setteponti, shown in the world-famous painting " Mona Lisa " by Leonardo da Vinci .


Arezzo is home to the football club US Arezzo , the currently ( 2019/2020 in the third-highest division) Series C plays. Between 1966 and 2007 he was also in the second-highest division for 16 years (see Eternal table of Serie B ).


Their handicrafts made the city rich, especially the famous "Aretine vases" and the tradition of jewelery making that has remained alive. Since then, Arezzo has been known for its jewelry industry far beyond the borders of the region . Many hundreds of craft and industrial establishments help ensure that Arezzo is considered wealthy. In addition, many visitors come for the antique market and many antique shops. Arezzo has recently become a film city. Some scenes from Roberto Benigni's award-winning film “ Life is beautiful ” (“La vita è bella”) were filmed on the Piazza Grande and Corso Italia .

Viaduct of the Direttissima Firenze – Roma near Arezzo


Arezzo is on the E 45 - A 1 as well as on the north and south of the Florence-Rome line connected to the Direttissima Firenze-Roma and two branch lines operated by the Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano to Pratovecchio - Stia and Sinalunga . Arezzo has an airfield for general aviation .

Town twinning

Arezzo maintains seven cities and towns partnerships :

city country since
Montenars ItalyItaly Italy 1977
Saint-Priest FranceFrance France 1981
Eger HungaryHungary Hungary 1989
Bedford United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 1994
Viseu PortugalPortugal Portugal 1998
Norman (Oklahoma) United StatesUnited States United States 2009
Oświęcim PolandPoland Poland 2009


Monument to Guido Monaco in Arezzo
Monument to Francesco Petrarca in Arezzo
Statue of Vittorio Fossombroni in Arezzo

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