League of Twelve Cities

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Map of the Etruscan territories with the cities of the Twelve Cities.

The Etruscans were politically organized in city-states . Twelve of them joined around 600 BC. BC to form a league of cities , the League of Twelve Cities , which was more religiously oriented and seldom active externally. After the Celts invaded the Po Valley around 380, Etruria did not recover and was gradually assimilated by Rome.

The amount of evidence in artifacts is sparse and archaeologists will continue to do a lot of work in the future. Interpretations therefore remain without final evidence.

After Titus Livius , the Tarchon covenant was introduced. The association of cities included:

Etruscan Latin Italian location
Aritim Arretium Arezzo
Caisra, Cisra Caere Cerveteri
Clevsin Clusium Chiusi
Curtun Cortona Cortona
Persna, Phersna Perusia Perugia
Pupluna, Fufluna Populonia Populonia Piombino
Tarchna Tarquinii Tarquinia
Vei Veii Veio Isola Farnese (Rome)
Velathri Volaterrae Volterra
Velsna, Velzna Volsinii Veteres Orvieto  ?
Velch Volci Vulci Montalto di Castro
Vetluna, Vatluna Vetulonia Vetulonia Castiglione della Pescaia

Sometimes Rusel , Latin Rusellae ( Roselle ), is counted as part of the Twelve Cities League. After the destruction of Veii (Veji), Populonia moved up. There were similar alliances in the Etruscan settlement areas in the Po Valley and in Campania .

Important Etruscan cities in the Po Valley were:

Important Etruscan cities in Campania were:

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