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Walter Kappacher (2009)

Walter Kappacher (born October 24, 1938 in Salzburg ) is an Austrian writer .


Growing up in Salzburg, Kappacher completed his apprenticeship and journeyman years as a motorcycle mechanic after attending primary and secondary school. He was enthusiastic about motorcycle racing for several years. After the military year he developed an increased interest in the theater and began training at a Munich drama school, which he dropped out again. Reading and writing increasingly came to the fore as a determining interest. As a bread-and-butter job, he chose to work as a travel agent.

Kappacher has been writing since 1964. For the first time he published some short stories in 1967 in the Stuttgarter Zeitung . In 1978, after his fortieth birthday, he decided - with a script assignment in hand - to quit and make a living from writing. He wrote a number of short stories and novels, but also radio plays and television scripts. Gero von Wilpert characterizes Kappacher in his lexicon of world literature as a “realistic narrator from the everyday working life of workers and employees in simple language”. Erwin Chargaff pays tribute to Walter Kappacher's style with the words: “He writes a kind of high-spring prose. An endless amount of work goes into a style that one does not notice at first. ”Within contemporary Austrian literature, which is largely characterized by groups of authors, Kappacher occupies one of the few solitary positions.

Kappacher has lived in Salzburg since 2014 . He is a member of the Austrian PEN Club , the German Academy for Language and Poetry in Darmstadt, as well as the recipient of high-ranking prizes and an honorary doctorate.


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Awards and honors


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Individual evidence

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