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Small coat of arms of the Dukes of Bourbon-Parma

The Bourbon-Parma line is an Italian branch line of the Spanish Bourbons and goes back to Philip , Infante of Spain (1720–1765), the fourth son of the Spanish King Philip V (1683–1746). In 1748, the Treaty of Aachen , which ended the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748), laid down the transfer of the Italian duchies of Parma , Piacenza and Guastalla to Philip of Bourbon-Parma. This enabled the Spanish Bourbons to assert their claim to the inheritance of Elisabetta Farnese (1692–1766), Philip V's second wife and mother of Philip of Bourbon-Parma, which had existed since 1731 .

The most important members include:

Coat of arms of the Dukes of Parma

The descendants of Felix and Charlotte are the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, who, strictly speaking, also belong to the House of Bourbon-Parma; the official title there is “Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau, Prince of Bourbon-Parma” and the name there is “of Luxembourg-Nassau from the House of Bourbon-Parma” (see also the Grand Duke's coat of arms) .

The head of the family has been Carlos Xavier (* 1970), great-grandson of the last ruling duke, since 2010.

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