Adarnase IV.

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Adarnase IV. (* Around 870 , † 923 ) was King of Georgia from 888 to 923 .


Adarnase was the son of the Kuropalat David I, who was murdered in 881. Since he was still a minor, the ruler Taos, Gurgen I , was first used by the Byzantines as a Kuropalat for Kartli-Iberia (881-891). In the year 888 the caliph named Adarnase King of the Kartweler ( Georgians ) in search of allies in the Caucasus . In order to maintain his influence in the Caucasus, the Byzantine Emperor Adarnase confirmed in this dignity. Three years later Adarnase succeeded in defeating Gurgen in the Valley of Artani and thus taking control of Kartli-Iberia. But as early as 904 the Abkhazians occupied Kartli under their king Constantine III. (899-915). Ten years later the Arabs ravaged the country for the last time. In 916 the Abkhazians were again masters of the country. Adarnase and his descendants only had the formal royal title until 975.


predecessor Office successor
Gurgen I. of Tao King of Georgia
David II