African Affairs

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African Affairs (formerly Journal of the Royal African Society)

description magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Politics , anthropology , culture
language English
publishing company Oxford University Press ( UK )
First edition 1901
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Royal African Society
ISSN (print)
ISSN (online)

African Affairs is a quarterly, interdisciplinary scientific journal on Africa that is published on behalf of the Royal African Society by Oxford University Press . The editorial function is exercised by the academic sub-organization The African Studies Association .


The editorial focus is on political issues and aspects of international relations between societies in sub-Saharan Africa . Topics from the fields of anthropology , economics and sociology as well as current affairs, African history, literature, visual arts and music are taken up.

Since 1944 the journal has been published under the title African Affairs . However, it first appeared in 1901 with the name Journal of the Royal African Society . Between 1901 and 1944 the Royal African Society published 171 single issues in 43 volumes.

Book reviews are made in every magazine issue and reference is made to published articles relating to Africa that appeared in magazines whose profile is not primarily directed towards Africa.


The magazine was created in honor of and in memory of the ethnographer and explorer Mary Kingsley . With her reports from West Africa, she had significantly influenced the contemporary perception of British society about this region. The idea of ​​founding a society to bundle numerous interests related to Africa, which she once actively discussed, was only implemented after her early death from a typhoid infection .

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