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Horst Schüler (born August 16, 1924 in Nowawes ; † March 27, 2019 in Hamburg ) was a German journalist. Between 2001 and 2007 he was chairman of the Union of Victims Associations of Communist Tyranny e. V. (UOKG) and its honorary chairman until his death.


Horst Schüler was imprisoned in Potsdam in 1951 for disseminating critical texts on errors in the communist system in the GDR by the NKVD in the Potsdam prison and sentenced in 1952 to 25 years in prison by a Soviet military tribunal in the GDR. As editor of the socially critical column “Kiekeohr” in the Märkische Volksstimme, he advocated freedom of expression and refused to be recruited as a KGB spy. His father died in 1942 as a social democrat in Sachsenhausen concentration camp . That's why he said nothing could happen to him in East Germany .

Horst Schüler was a slave laborer in the RetschLag / Vorkuta labor camps for over four years (from 1948 to 1954, the special camp of MWD No. 6, the RetschLag (river camp), belonged to the Vorkuta camp complex). There he was one of the participants in the prisoner uprising that was put down with machine guns on August 1, 1953. Among the strikers in his 29th shaft alone there were 64 dead and 123 wounded. A total of 481 prisoners were killed. After returning home in 1955, he worked as a journalist in Kassel and from 1964 to 1989 as an editor for the Hamburger Abendblatt , since then he has lived in Hamburg. He was awarded the Theodor Wolff Prize for outstanding journalistic achievements .

In 1992, Schüler was the first German journalist to visit the city and region of Vorkuta, which was still closed at the time. Subsequently, his book Vorkuta - Memory without Fear was published . He organized the exhibition “Vorkuta - Forgotten Victims” and since 1995 was the spokesman for the “Vorkuta / GULag- Soviet Union camp community ”. In 1997 he was honored with the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon by Federal President Roman Herzog , and in 2003 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit, 1st class.

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