Aki Kato

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Aki Kato (* 1966 in Tokyo ) is a Japanese choreographer for classical ballet .

At the age of four she took her first steps in classical ballet lessons at her father's school in Tokyo . From 1981 the artist received several awards and made it in Japan to engagement with the renowned Matsuyama Ballet in Tokyo. In 1988 she got an engagement as a solo dancer at the Stadttheater Bern . In 1990 she moved to the Grand Theater in Geneva , Switzerland. In 1991 she came to the Nationaltheater Mannheim , where she worked as a solo dancer and choreographer until the end of 2000 and was able to celebrate great successes. Aki Kato trained and choreographed the group "The New Dance Compagnie" (1st Dance Bundesliga) there for participation in the German championships. Over the past few years, this troupe has consistently taken first place in the league and has repeatedly won the championship title. Most recently she won the international German Open Championships with this group on September 1, 2001.

Since the opening of her dance forum in Mannheim took place on April 1, 2001 , she is now passing on 30 years of experience to her students with great commitment.

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