Alī Efendi

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Çatalcalı Ali Efendi ( Ottoman چتالجه لو على افندى İA Çatalcalı ʿAlī Efendi ; *  1632 in Çatalca ; † April 19, 1692 in Edirne ) was the 61st Sheikhul Islam of the Ottoman Empire . He held this office from 1674 to 1686 and again for a few weeks from March 9, 1692 until his death. Before that he worked as a Kazasker . He spoke standard Arabic , Persian and Ottoman .


He was one of the leading Islamic jurists ( Fuqaha ) in Hanafi law of his time. He was best known for his work Fetâvâ-yı Ali Efendi , a collection of Hanefi legal opinions ( fatwa ) written in the form of questions and answers .


Individual evidence

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