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Alexander Wichert (born May 4, 1975 in Essen ; also Alex Wichert and Aleksandr Voinov ) is a German author who writes fantasy novels , science fiction novels and short stories. The name Alexander Wichert is a pseudonym .


Alexander Wichert began to write at the age of 14 and his first story was published by Bastei-Lübbe as part of the Ghostbusters John Sinclair Readers' Stories. Alexander graduated from high school and then first studied law, which he broke off after two semesters. A move to the University of Duisburg-Essen followed, where he obtained a Magister Artium in Medieval History, Ancient History and American Studies. His academic focus was on war and military history.

Wichert received significant creative impulses in the writing workshop that the Americanist Elizabeth von Schoff held at the university. There Alexander Wichert met other authors and acquired knowledge in literary and writing theory, which led to increasing professionalism. After the lecturer left, Alex Wichert founded his own group of authors, ProjektPhönix , whose members include Tom Liehr , Iris Kammerer , Heike Wolf , Judith Rau , Hans Peter Roentgen, and Anja Krebber . The group of authors meets virtually on a mailing list.

Alex emigrated to England in 2005, where he lives with his partner in the London Borough of Bromley . He first worked as a research assistant at a London marketing research firm, but then moved to a finance and business magazine in October 2007, where he worked as an editor. Further positions in the area of ​​proofreading and editing in the finance area followed. In his spare time, Alex Wichert operates foil - fencing and Taijiquan . In 2010 he took part in the literary experiment Hinterland published by Karla Schmidt , an anthology published by Wurdack , for which 20 authors wrote science fiction stories based on music by David Bowie .

Since 2008 Alexander Wichert has been writing only in English and has been working as an author in the British-American "indie sector" and, since 2011, also as a publisher.



Several novels have already been published by Alex Wichert, which are at home in the fantasy world of the "black eye" . Two Shadowrun novels were recently added.

The DSA novel tells the story of the Inquisition soldier Praiodan von Weißfels , who sets out to put an end to a sinister witcher . The quest changes the fanatical Praiodan so permanently that he can finally face the dark secret in the family.
The DSA novel is about the intrigues of the upper class in the decadent city-state of Al'Anfa. On a second level of action, the fate of an enslaved gladiator is treated, whose greatest wish is freedom.
Raven whisper follows sand and blood . The intrigues are given more space, at the same time a rebel movement appears who are planning an action that can permanently change the face of the city.
In this Shadowrun novel, the Russian elite soldier Mishko has his hands full with getting a transport entrusted to him to its destination, despite some members of his team, the dangers of the Russian-Siberian border region and the fact that the transport itself is illegal.
In Alex Wichert's second shadowrun novel, a group of shadowrunners end up in Afghanistan in 2065. The novel is independent, but it is loosely linked to chain dog .

Alexander Wichert's stories revolve around loyalty, warriors and soldiers who often get into almost insoluble conflicts of loyalty ( Blakharon's curse ), the question of the extent to which power corrupts ( sand and blood , raven whispers ), or the question of how far loyalty leads to self-abandonment - or how to free oneself from it ( chain dog , Fatima's tears ).

Short stories

Aside from the novels, there are also a number of short stories by Alex Wichert.

  • Father of all things - c't magazine for computers and technology, 05 and 06/2000.
The short story is about a cyborg's struggle for survival who has not kept pace with political developments.
  • Green eyes (anthology Deus Ex Machina ) - 2003
Here Alex Wichert shows his connection with the cyberpunk genre, in which everything has a price and nothing has a value.
The story paints a dystopian picture of a prison on Mars.

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