Alfred Janschek

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Alfred Janschek

Alfred Janschek (born March 15, 1874 in Hohenlohehütte , Upper Silesia , † December 27, 1955 in Schulzendorf ) was a German SPD politician .

Life and work

After attending primary school in Birtulau in the Rybnik district , Janschek worked as a miner until 1904. In 1881 he went to the Ruhr area, where he had been working as a workers secretary in the free miners' union from 1897 . Janschek had also been a member of the SPD since 1897. He ran in 1912 in vain for the Reichstag elections, but in 1919 he was elected to the Weimar National Assembly and was then a member of the Reichstag for the constituency of North Westphalia until 1933 . From the mid-1920s until the unions were broken up in 1933, he was a member of the ADGB's federal executive committee .


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