Alkoxy group

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Alkoxy group ( blue ) above, from left to right, as part of a molecule, as an alkoxy anion ( alkoxylate ), in an alkanol and in an alkyl tert-butyl ether and below, from left to right, in a urethane, an alkyl carboxylate and a dialkyl acetal . R 1 , R 2 = organyl radical , such as e.g. B. alkyl radical.

In chemistry , an alkoxy group is a functional group based on an alkyl group linked to an oxygen atom (see figure). Examples are the methoxy group with the chemical formula -OCH 3 (e.g. in 1,2-dimethoxyethane or anisole ) or the ethoxy group with the chemical chemical formula -OCH 2 CH 3 (e.g. in phenetol ).

If the alkyl radical of the alkoxy group is replaced by an aryl radical, an aryloxy group is obtained .


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