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All-American , also All-American , refers to athletes who have been voted into a nationwide top selection of a sport, All-America , in a certain season of US college or high school sport . The All-American calling roughly corresponds to the All-Star system of the professional North American sports leagues; All-Americans are not only awarded in team sports, but also in individual sports such as wrestling , athletics or swimming . While most selections are officially determined by the respective association directly or through an election organized by it, there are competing and differently recognized selections through various media for the two most prestigious college team sports, football and basketball .

Individual sports

For individual sports, All-American status is usually awarded by the relevant professional association or the NCAA to every athlete who can place themselves among the best of the US college or high school championships. For example, in athletics and swimming championships, all finalists (with eight participants) are All-Americans.

Team sports

In team sports, on the other hand, the selection is made through a real (selection) selection of players, partly organized by the NCAA, as in football . In the main college team sports football and basketball, on the other hand, different organizations vote, mostly sports newsrooms, but also e.g. B. Coach associations, own selections. Some of these lists are recognized by the NCAA and are kept in their own statistics, for college football these are currently the selections of the Associated Press , the American Football Coaches Association , the Football Writers Association of America , the Sporting News and Walter Camp Football Foundation . If a player is elected to three or four first teams on these lists, he is always referred to as a Consensus All-American . If he is elected to all five first teams , he is called the Unanimous All-American . To become a Consensus All-American , other ways are possible depending on the position, but always at least two elections in one of the five first teams . Second teams and third teams are used as tie-breakers . Election to one of the NCAA-recognized First All America teams is a prerequisite for entry into the College Football Hall of Fame .

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