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avn. - general surveying news

description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise geodesy
language German
publishing company Wichmann-Verlag ( Germany )
First edition 1889
Frequency of publication 9 times a year
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avn. - Allgemeine vermessungs-nachrichten is the title of a technical and scientific journal that was founded in 1889 by Robert Reiss from Liebenwerda (in today's original spelling). It has been published by Herbert Wichmann Verlag in Heidelberg since 1933 , which has been under the umbrella of VDE Verlag since 2010 .

Frequency of publication - target direction

The avn. appear 9 times a year (including three double editions) and inform their readers independently and scientifically based on all areas of geodesy and geoinformation , as their subtitle is.

The trade journal is aimed at experts in research, industry, authorities and engineering offices and at students in the relevant fields. She teaches both the latest research and device development and the implementation of those technologies into practice, especially in the areas of engineering geodesy and geo-information , the measurement technology of photogrammetry , the digital image processing , the Geodesy , the laser scanning , the land management and the evaluation method . It is also a declared aim of the magazine to prepare the readership for the interdisciplinary requirements of related disciplines such as civil engineering , geotechnical engineering , mechanical engineering or land management.

The avn. continue to provide information about conferences and specialist events as well as trade fairs on a national and international level and publish information from the university and college sector as well as from companies and administrations. A special section GNSS information provides information on the status and developments of global satellite navigation systems. The range of topics is rounded off by book reviews about current new publications.

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