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Senior journeyman is a term from the craft language .


In various guilds such as bakers , bricklayers or blacksmiths, it designated either the oldest journeyman of a workshop or the elected head of the society of the local guild. Occasionally he was referred to as society . Other guilds used terms such as Altknecht (shoemaker), Altführer (hat maker) or Schaffer .


At the beginning of the 21st century , the term was taken up again in Germany. It related to an attempt at loosening from the Middle Ages inherited guild law . With Altgesellen a group of persons to be described, the one next to the masters (a more than 6-year-old professional practice as due) could allow an independent exercising a handicraft work under certain conditions. See also craft roll .

Chair of the journeymen's committee

The chairman of the journeyman's committee in guilds is referred to as an old journeyman (Section 69 of the Crafts Code ).


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