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Journeyman craftsmen on the rolling mill
Who is master? - Who came up with something!
Who is a journeyman? - Who can!
Who is an apprentice - Everyone!

A journeyman (from Old High German gisello "housemate", actually, "who shares the room with another"), female name journeyman, a craftsman , a training in a profession of crafts by passing the final examination before the Chamber successfully completed and as a result, has received the journeyman's certificate. He is equated to a skilled worker in terms of collective bargaining, social and labor law .

From the late Middle Ages onwards, it was common for young journeymen to wander for a few years after completing their journeyman's examination in order to gain experience with other masters of the guild in distant craft businesses, to deepen their technical and operational knowledge and to open up new sales markets. From the late Middle Ages to the 19th century, the years of wandering, also known as being on the roller , were a prerequisite for most crafts in order to become a master. Nowadays there are no longer these compulsory years of hiking, but some young journeymen still maintain this tradition.

In Freemasonry , the journeyman is the second, intermediate degree of initiation.

In addition, journeyman is a colloquial term for a participant in a company who eats with others (table company) or travels (travel company).

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