Alyattes II.

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Alyattes II (ruled 605–556 BC) was a king of Lydia from the Mermnaden dynasty . He is the father and predecessor of the more famous Croesus .


Under him the Lydian empire extended to Halys , with the Phrygians also coming under Lydian sovereignty. The Mederreich of Kyaxares II began east of Halys , with whom Alyattes was at war from 590 onwards. The course of the border on Halys was confirmed in the Battle of Halys , in which because of the sudden onset of the solar eclipse on May 28, 585 BC. Chr. No fighting took place. With a peace treaty brokered by Nebuchadnezzar II , King of Babylon, and Syennesis , King of Cilicia , the border was fixed.

Some of the Greek cities on the coast were also brought under Lydian tributary control by him. This development promoted the exchange of Greek and Middle Eastern culture.

In addition, Alyattes defeated the Kimmerer cavalry people and ended their 100 year long incursions.


At the beginning of the rule of the Alyattes, the first coins in world history appear, which is why he is considered the inventor of coinage. Some numismatists, however, place this development on a time before the beginning of his rule.


The tomb of Alyattes is the largest complex in the royal necropolis of Sardis. The barrow has a diameter of 355 meters and a height of 35 meters. According to Herodotus, five phallic symbols towered up on the top of the burial mound , similar to those on Etruscan barrows.


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Sadyattes II King of Lydia
605–556 BC Chr.