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Amos Fiat (born December 1, 1956 in Haifa ) is an Israeli computer scientist.

Fiat did military service in the Israeli army from 1976 to 1982 and received his doctorate in 1987 from the Weizmann Institute under Adi Shamir (Fibonacci Lattices: Theory and Practice). Until 1989 he was a post-doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley , with Manuel Blum and Richard M. Karp . From 1989 he was at Tel Aviv University , where he is a professor.

In 2000/01 he was on sabbatical at the University of Washington (with Anna Karlin ). He was a co-founder of Algorithmic Research Ltd. (Sold to Cylink Corp. in 1997).

He deals with cryptography, competitive analysis of online algorithms (with Gerhard Woeginger he organized Dagstuhl workshops) and algorithmic game theory (in his dissertation he analyzed, among other things, the game sinking ships ). He worked with David Chaum and Moni Naor on electronic money, which served as the basis for ECash .

With Adi Shamir, he invented the Fiat-Shamir heuristic for digital signatures and the Fiat-Shamir protocol (or Feige-Fiat-Shamir protocol) in 1986 .

With Moni Naor , he received the 2016 Paris Kanellakis Prize for the development of broadcast encryption and traitor tracing systems .


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