Amyklas (King of Sparta)

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Amyklas ( Greek  Ἀμύκλας ), the son of Lacedaemon and the division , is the fifth king of Sparta and the brother of Eurydice in Greek mythology .

Amyklas married Diomede , the daughter of Lapithas , and with her fathered Argalos , Kynortas , Hyakinthos and the daughters Laodameia (also called Leaneira), Hegesandra and Polyboia . He is also referred to as the father of Daphne by Parthenios of Nicaea . He founded a city near Sparta and named it Amyklai .

Amyklas' successor was his eldest son, Argalos. In Amyklai there was a sanctuary of the amyklas , the amykläum .



predecessor Office successor
Lacedaemon King of Sparta
14th century BC Chr.
(Fictional chronology)