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Lakedaimon (Greek: Λακεδαίμων, Lakedaimōn ) is the son of Zeus and the mountain nymph Taygete and the progenitor of the Lakedaimonians ( Spartans ) in Greek mythology . In historical times, the term is used sporadically as a formal designation of the Spartan state and / or is used in the personal form Lacedaemonian.

He married Sparte , the daughter of Eurotas . With her he is the father of Amyklas and Eurydice , who, as the wife of Akrisios, became the mother of Danaë and thus the grandmother of Perseus .

As king he succeeded Eurotas on the throne, since he had no male descendants. He founded a new capital and named it Sparta after his wife. His empire, today's Laconia region , he named Lacedaemon after himself . Between Sparta and Amyklai he built a temple for the Charites and named them Phaenna and Kleta .

Lakedaimon's successor was his son, Amyklas. Lakedaimon was revered as a hero in Sparta and a heroon was located at the ancient site of Therapne .



predecessor Office successor
Eurotas King of Sparta
14th century BC Chr.
(Fictional chronology)