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Taygete ( Greek  Ταϋγέτη ) is in Greek mythology the daughter of Atlas and the Oceanid Pleione . She is thus a Pleiad . With Zeus she was the mother of Lacedaemon .

Taygete was the nymph of Mount Amyklayos and hunted with the virgin Artemis . This tried to save her from the stalking of Zeus and turned her into a hind (hind), which protected Taygete from the stalking of the father of gods for some time . According to one story, out of gratitude to Artemis, she is said to have consecrated the Keryneian Hind , whom Heracles had to bring alive to Eurystheus in his third task .

Zeus was successful after all. According to Robert von Ranke-Graves , Taygete hanged himself on the Amyklayos, which was subsequently called the Taygetos Mountains.

According to Karl Kerényi , it is also said that Artemis, who was relentless about virginity, had changed her into this Hindu as a punishment, because Taygete had not been able to keep her untouched state - or because she even enjoyed Zeus' love.

Her niece of the same name is said to have married Lakedaimon and got the Himeros from him.