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Andreas Paeslack (left) and Bazon Brock in 2004 as patrons of the project "In the Name of Art"

Andreas Paeslack (born March 11, 1966 in Weimar ) is a German artist , author and publisher .


Paeslack studied art at the Leipzig University of Graphics and Book Art and at the Dresden University of Fine Arts . In 1997 he passed his diploma with summa cum laude and took up graduate studies with Eberhard Bosslet . In 1999 he was appointed master student . Paeslack attracted attention through the socio-political and art-critical aspects of his works and projects.

Andreas Paeslack lives and works with Ines Knackstedt in Berlin.

Presentations and projects (selection)

Urban space and exhibition project aesthetics
Image sequence
Germany flag (physical)
  • 1997: Fourth school year - site-specific works by non-local artists, (urban space project) KlausHaus e. V., Art Collections Gera, Otto-Dix-Haus, Museum of Applied Arts , Gera
  • 1997: Public (revitalization of the old town Köpenick - citizen survey and billposting in the urban space) Berlin-Köpenick, City-Management BSM mbH, patronage Dr. V. Hassemer - partner for Berlin
  • 1998: Aha.Aqua , Altes Stadtbad Gera, (urban space project) KlausHaus, Gera
  • 1998: Blue Corners (The Dresden Art Fair as a picture space) Messegesellschaft Dresden
  • 1998: Sempergalerie / Photoconcept Frankfurt Book Fair, Curator: Klaus Honnef, Courtesy Arteficium
  • 2000: Baroque house , baroque house art needs an addressee (community project) Moritzburg / Saxony
  • 2000: Kunstkartenhaus (multiple), Art Frankfurt , article editions
  • 2001: Simultaneous Perspectives - Seeing Dresden , (A staging on the Ernemannturm / urban space project in cooperation with the population of Dresden), Technical Collections Dresden
  • 2001: Lichtes Maß Null (multiple), Art_Frankfurt, article editions
  • 2002: atz der Zukunft (urban space project in cooperation with the population of Jena), Theaterplatz Jena
  • 2002: What is written in the stars , (art on building mural for the police college), Rothenburg / Oberlausitz
  • 2002: True art is the commodity art , (project presentation) Art_Frankfurt, art @ mangold, Berlin
  • 2003: Paeslack (multiple / participatory painting), Art_Frankfurt, article editions
  • 2004: You have new mail - a letter to the Mayor of Culture, Dresden City Hall
  • 2005: The fortune of art (travel and exhibition seminar), Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv , Kunst-Haus Dresden
  • 2005: Words for Millions (billposting in public urban space), Manuela Mangold / Kooperative Kunstpraxis
  • 2005: In the name of art , Art_Frankfurt, article editions
  • 2006: Art as booty, booty as art , intervention on the lost art collection Krebs, Gut Holzdorf manor
  • 2007: The Silence of the Visible , (Public film project on uranium mining in Thuringia) Federal foundation for coming to terms with the SED dictatorship , Free State of Thuringia
  • 2007: ÄsthETHIK (urban space and exhibition project on the subject of poverty), VBK Thuringia, Kulturhof Krönbacken, Kulturdirektion Erfurt
  • 2008: Invoice (multiple), article editions, Berlin
  • 2011: Color in the river, WESERBURG , Museum of Modern Art, Bremen
  • 2012: A piece from the horizon , Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
  • 2014: Manipulation - social conditioning and socialization / black and white or on self-determination in an institutionally administered world , art initiative “Im Friese” e. V.


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