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Andreas Vogel (born September 12, 1960 ) is a German communications scientist and press researcher.

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Münster on participatory broadcasts on radio (1989), he became a research assistant at the University of Lüneburg in 1990 (until 1996). In 1995, Vogel and Margit Dorn founded what is now the WIP Scientific Institute for Press Research and Audience Analysis (in Cologne-Porz since 1996 ), of which he has been director since then. 2004 habilitation Andreas Vogel at the University of Bamberg by working for the public press and received the teaching license for the field of communication studies . In 2004 he was appointed private lecturer at the University of Bamberg , and in 2011 he was appointed adjunct professor there. Andreas Vogel has published numerous articles and works in his research focus on press research, in particular on the press systematics , the development and constitution of the public press , the development and strategies of the German daily press and reader comments.

Publications (selection)

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