Applied computer science

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The Applied computer science is a branch of computer science . She deals with the application of computer science methods in non-computer science areas - e.g. B. biology, business administration or medicine. This distinguishes it from practical computer science , which deals with IT problems.

application areas

Applied computer science works on problems in other areas of science using computer science solutions, for example:

In the following some specific areas of application of applied computer science are described as examples; Corresponding IT solutions are produced and operated there:

Computer graphics

The generation of images from stored descriptions or from input commands of the user with the computer is understood as computer graphics . Two other areas, the digital signal and image processing , the imperfect images by removing impurities, contrast enhancement and coloring and the pattern recognition , which images, which are only available from a structureless sequence of points, are analyzed for what they represent, are generally not counted to computer graphics. These three areas are summarized under the term graphic data processing .


In many technical computer applications, computer models of the object or process to be examined are built and then examined instead of reality. This process is called simulation . The problem with models is that models are abstractions because they leave out unimportant parts of the real setup. Only certain properties of the real arrangement can be studied on them. This can lead to the models being faulty if events occur in reality that were not taken into account in the model. The advantage of computer simulations is, among other things, that all processes can be carried out virtually, the real implementation of which would currently not be possible for time, security, physical, financial or other reasons.

Data processing

The acquisition and updating of large amounts of data is understood under the term data processing . In this area of ​​application, the computer is mainly used to process input data and to generate output data. The main problems in data processing lie in the organization and volume of the data volumes to be managed. Structuring large amounts of data into which new data can be added without destroying the structure and finding existing data are the focus, and input and output are of primary importance.