Anna Salome from Manderscheid-Blankenheim

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Anna Salome of Manderscheid-Blankenheim (* 12. December 1628 ; † 15. March 1691 ) was from 1648 to 1688 abbess of Frauenstift Thorn and from 1688 until her death abbess of Essen Abbey .


In 1640, Anna Salome received, together with her three years younger sister Clara Elisabeth von Manderscheid-Blankenheim , Präbenden in Thorn Abbey, and a few years later in Essen. The fact that she was elected abbess eight years after joining the monastery and at the age of only twenty in Thorn was not only a result of the fact that the family of the Counts of Manderscheid and related families held the majority of the prebends, but lay also of Anna Salome's personal influence and ability. Anna Salome was a very educated woman for the time who left a private library of over 100 books. The list includes books on political, legal, geographic, historical, and even medical titles. Anna Salome ruled in her own monastery, even writing legal briefs for the Essen monastery herself.


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