Ancient world

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Ancient world

description German science journal
Area of ​​Expertise Archeology, cultural history
language German
publishing company Scientific book society
First edition 1970
Frequency of publication Bi-monthly
Sold edition 8000 copies
Editor-in-chief Holger Kieburg
Manager Beate Varnhorn
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Antike Welt ( AW ) is a journal on archeology and cultural history . Founded in 1970 by Raggi-Verlag, at the time in Küsnacht ( Switzerland ), later in Feldmeilen and Jona and initially with an edition of only 50 copies, it was taken over with No. 1/1990 by Zabern-Verlag, Mainz , which has been a Imprint of the Scientific Book Society in Darmstadt is.

The Ancient World is one of the popular science archaeologically oriented journals (like Archeology in Germany ). It deals with all times and spaces, but places a clear focus on Classical and Near Eastern Archeology and Egyptology . In addition, general cultural-historical topics are also dealt with, primarily relating to antiquity up to and including the European Middle Ages. At times, the contributions, especially the more extensive cover topics, concentrated on those that were presented in museum exhibitions for which the Zabern-Verlag published the exhibition catalog . Since Holger Kieburg took over as editor-in-chief at the beginning of 2011, museum exhibitions have rarely been discussed, the focus has been on the presentation of current archaeological research.

In addition to the main articles, there are current news, obituaries, travel advice, book reviews and an exhibition calendar. In addition, the section Museum Island Berlin has been appearing regularly in the magazine since 2004 , in which the Association of Friends of Antiquity on Museum Island presents its work and contributes to the collections in the Pergamon Museum and the antique collection in the Pergamon and Altes Museum . This section replaces the EOS association's formerly independent magazine .

In addition to the magazines, which were initially published four times a year since 1995 (as of early 2019), supplements have been published since 1973, at reduced prices for subscribers, sometimes also included in the subscription, initially under the name "special number", since 1996 as "special issues", finally since 1998/1999 as “special volumes”, combined with changes in number and presentation. Initially only one issue per year was published, later the number was in some cases significantly higher than that of the regular issues, and if they initially had the outward appearance of the normal issues, after switching to Verlag Zabern they were sometimes available additionally, later exclusively as hardcover ; the latter still form the non-fiction series of Zabern's illustrated books on archeology . Since 2015, a subscription has been published each year (two planned from 2019), which are now also published as book publications outside of the series of Zabern's illustrated books on archeology .

Die Antike Welt currently has a print run of 9,000 (as of February 2019) and a sold circulation of 8,000 issues (as of November 2018). The core magazine has also been available as an ePaper edition since 2010.


  • Ancient world. Journal of Archeology and Cultural History. Raggi-Verlag, Küsnacht / Feldmeilen / Jona, 1970ff; Zabern, Mainz / Darmstadt 1990ff; Scientific Book Society, Darmstadt 2014 / 2017ff, ISSN  0003-570X .

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  2. Zabern Newsletter 1/2009
  3. Since the number 1/2017 there is no reference to the Philipp von Zabern publishing house on the cover.