Antonio Castejón Espinosa

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Antonio Castejón Espinosa (born June 1, 1896 in Manila , † July 2, 1979 in Madrid ) was an officer in the Spanish Legion on the side of Franco during the Spanish Civil War .

At the beginning of the civil war in 1936, Castejón was major in the Spanish Legion and joined the military revolt under General Franco. His subordinate unit took control of the city of Tetuán in Spanish Morocco . On August 3, 1936, he and his subordinate unit set out for Madrid. On August 7, 1936, Castejón and his troops were near the town of Zafra. Panic prevailed in the city as they feared the approaching troops of Franco. The socialist mayor of the city, José González Barrero, planned the evacuation of the city. At dawn, the tanks of the nationalists, under the command of Castejón, entered the city. There was no fighting. Castejón appointed a junta gestora (German: administrative committee). The committee made a list of a hundred Republican government sympathizers who were shot the next day . On August 14, 1936, he commanded one of the four nationalist units in the Battle of Badajoz .

He was involved in the liberation of the besieged of the Alcázar of Toledo and was injured during the siege of Madrid .

During the Battle of the Ebro , Castejón was given command of a division of the Andalusian Army . At the end of the war he was promoted to the rank of general .


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