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Arabibarbus grypus

Arabibarbus grypus

without rank: Otophysa
Order : Carp-like (Cypriniformes)
Subordination : Carp fish-like (Cyprinoidei)
Family : Carp fish (Cyprinidae)
Subfamily : Torinae
Genre : Arabibarbus
Scientific name
Borkenhagen , 2014

Arabibarbus is a species of poor species from the carp family (Cyprinidae). It occurs in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, in the catchment area of ​​the Euphrates and Tigris in Syria and Iraq, in the rivers of southern Iran and possibly also in the Orontes .

Arabibarbus is the sister genus of Carasobarbus and is also closely related to the genera Labeobarbus , Mesopotamichthys and Pterocapoeta .


Arabibarbus species are medium-sized to large carp fish with standard lengths of 20 cm to 1.5 m. Your body is elongated and more or less flattened on the sides. The head length is 20 to 32.5% of the standard length. Characteristic for the genus are two pairs of barbels , a smooth, ossified first dorsal fin ray, eight branched fin rays in the dorsal fin and five branched fin rays in the anal fin, as well as strong, shield-like scales with numerous, parallel radii. The pharynx teeth have pointed tips.



  • Kai Borkenhagen: A new genus and species of cyprinid fish (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae) from the Arabian Peninsula, and its phylogenetic and zoogeographic affinities. Environmental Biology of Fishes 97 (10): 1179–1195, October 2014, DOI: 10.1007 / s10641-014-0315-y

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