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Carasobarbus luteus, the type species of the genus.

Carasobarbus luteus , the type species of the genus.

without rank: Otophysa
Order : Carp-like (Cypriniformes)
Subordination : Carp fish-like (Cyprinoidei)
Family : Carp fish (Cyprinidae)
Subfamily : Torinae
Genre : Carasobarbus
Scientific name
Karaman , 1971

Carasobarbus (by Carassius and Barbus ) is a Middle Eastern genus of carp fish , which is found in Turkey, in the river areas of Jordan , Nahr al-Asi (= Orontes), Euphrates and Tigris , in Lake Maharloo and in Kor in Iran and in some wadis of the Arabian Peninsula occurs. In addition, three species colonize northwestern Africa.


Carasobarbus species are medium-sized carp fish that mediate in shape between the somewhat high-backed Carassius and the elongated Barbus species. They become 17 to 45 cm long. Your dorsal fin is supported by three to four undivided and nine to ten branched fin rays, the anal fin has two to three undivided and six, rarely five or seven branched fin rays. The last undivided fin ray of the dorsal fin is ossified and smooth. The scales are large and patterned by numerous parallel radii. There are one or two pairs of barbels on the mouth . The pharyngeal teeth have hooked tips.

Like the Labeobarbus species, the Carasobarbus species have a hexaploid set of chromosomes.


Carasobarbus apoensis


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