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In 2015, the Lower Saxony and Bremen archive information system ( Arcinsys Niedersachsen Bremen ) replaced the izn-AIDA archive information system used by the Lower Saxony State Archives and other Lower Saxony archives.


Arcinsys was developed as version 2 of the Hessian archive documentation and information system HADIS as part of a cooperation between the Hessian state archive and the Lower Saxony state archive. Both archives together take care of the maintenance and further development of the software. The state of Schleswig-Holstein has also been involved in the cooperation since the end of 2016 .


Arcinsys is a web application. Users work in the same system as the employees of an archive. The range of functions of the application covers all areas of responsibility of an archive. The Arcinsys Navigator (research, indexing) and search (full text research, signature search) menus are based on HADIS components. The menus have been redeveloped: watch list (memorize / order), request (usage requests, authorization management), use (provision, use, reading room management), take over (advice to authorities, evaluation, access management), manage (development planning, inventory maintenance planning), storage (magazine management), Administer. Arcinsys implements the representation model for analog and digital archive material. Each archive record describes an information object as a logical, not a physical unit. Several physical representations are assigned to an archivale - e.g. B. the paper original, its image on microfiche , the digitized usage. In the case of originally digital objects, several representations can depict different migration levels. The user orders an archive for use, the archive provides a representation for use.


Arcinsys currently contains over 7 million recorded records. New indexes are constantly made available for online research, provided that no legal provisions preclude publication of the indexing information. In addition, digital copies of the archive material are made available. In addition to the seven locations of the Lower Saxony State Archives, another 39 archives (as of March 2016) provide descriptions of their holdings and records of their archive materials for online research in Arcinsys. In addition, Arcinsys contains brief descriptions of 169 other archives in Lower Saxony with contact details and brief information on their holdings.


There are three possible forms of use:

  • Unregistered users can research freely accessible inventory and cataloging data and view free digital copies.
  • Registered users can save search queries, place archive materials on their watch list and submit usage requests to participating archives.
  • Users with an approved usage request can order archival materials.

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