In doubt

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Original title In doubt
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2015
length 90 minutes
Director Aelrun Goette
script Dorothee Schön
production Benjamin Benedict ,
Nico Hofmann
music Annette Focks
camera Leah Striker

In Doubt is a German TV film by Aelrun Goette based on a script by Dorothee Schön , which premiered on June 29, 2015 at the Munich Film Festival and was shown for the first time on January 30, 2016 on Das Erste .


Judith Ehrmann is a committed mother and pastor , and her job as an emergency pastor is part of her job. Her husband Christoph is a high school teacher by profession and is a passionate motorcyclist. One day Judith is called to a serious accident in which the 17-year-old passenger, an acquaintance of her son Paul, who is the same age, dies. The person who caused the accident commits a hit-and-run , but the only witness has seen a black station wagon , and her husband Christoph drives exactly such a car. When her husband brings his station wagon to the workshop the day after the accident because of paint damage, she begins to believe that Christoph could have caused the accident and hides this. She also links her own son to the fatal accident. For the first time, doubts nestled in Judith's life: about her husband, her son and also her job as pastor and emergency pastor. When Judith falls in love with Police Commissioner Minow, a staunch atheist who is investigating this case, she begins to re-examine her life situation and soon has to outgrow herself. This is not easy for her because her marriage is in deep crisis after her husband learns of her suspicions against him. For Judith Ehrmann, the simplest solution seems to be to accept an offer to transfer to Berlin. But she fights for her relationship, which she succeeds in the end. She takes a professional distance from Inspector Minow and learns from him that the person who caused the accident has now been determined.


Staff and cast

The screenplay for In Doubt was written by the two-time Grimme Prize winner Dorothee Schön ; Aelrun Goette , who won two Grimme and German Film Awards, directed the film . Claudia Michelsen took over the role of the protagonist Judith Ehrmann , that of her husband Christoph Henning Baum and that of their son Jordan Dwyer . The actor Thomas Loibl , who had previously acted as a policeman in films, took over the role of Inspector Markus Minow.


Filming began in October 2014 and took place in and around Berlin .


Audience ratings

The first broadcast of the television film on January 30, 2016 in Das Erste was followed by 3.11 million viewers, which corresponds to a market share of 9.5 percent.


Thomas Andre from Berliner Morgenpost says: Despite the difficult subject, which shows certain lengths, an atmospheric and cliché-free film with interesting characters has succeeded. For Tilmann P. Gangloff from the Frankfurter Rundschau , the film is a homage to a woman who fights for an open church and feels called to help people. Gangloff remarks that the trick is to let the search for meaning run behind the pictures, so to speak. Gangloff comes to the conclusion: A great film that still never shows off: because it doesn't need it. The film also received praise from Elmar Krekeler from DIE WELT , who judged: 'In Doubt' is a fairly necessary, truthful, true film.

Heike Hupertz from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung describes: Aelrun Goette's film 'In Doubt' moves big issues. It's about trust, loyalty and gnawing resentment. It's about how the certainties and relationships become alien, but not that alone. Aelrun Goette [...] goes into the field if not theological, then at least the moral-practical problematization of the doubt. For Ana Maria Michel from DIE ZEIT , Judith Ehrmann's disruption is at the heart of the story: In this film, doubt is a faint feeling that torments its protagonist bitingly. On a small scale, the Enlightenment breaks out again and again. Jens Müller from the taz sums it up: Not easy fare. But you can't expect that from Aelrun Goette either. Whether a teenager's excess of violence or the suicide of a depressed mother - God’s big topic is the human abyss.

Katharina Zeckau from Medienkorrespondenz sums it up: In her new film, too, Goette succeeds with flying colors in capturing the quiet discord in looks, words and atmosphere, which increasingly poison the family atmosphere. Which, of course, is also to be credited to Dorothee Schön's coherent script, which negotiates very seriously (without the so often used safety net of irony), but also without pathos, human and spiritual questions of great importance.

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