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Media correspondence
MK Logo rot.png
description German magazine for media politics, radio and television
language German
publishing company dreipunktdrei mediengesellschaft mbH ( Germany )
Headquarters Bonn
First edition 2nd December 1953
Frequency of publication 14 days on Fridays
Sold edition 800 copies
(Media data for 2016)
Editor-in-chief Dieter stop
Web link
ZDB 2805998-0

Die Medienkorrespondenz (MK; formerly: Funkkorrespondenz ) is a German media magazine that has been published since 1953. It appeared weekly until the end of 2014 under the name Funkkorrespondenz. At the beginning of January 2015, it was renamed to Medienkorrespondenz; since then the magazine has been published fortnightly. Media correspondence includes articles and reports on media policy and broadcasters, reviews and news about radio and television programs. According to its own information, the magazine is aimed at artistic directors, program directors, producers in television and radio, media journalists, media and communication scientists, students in this field and anyone interested in the media in general. The magazine is only available by subscription . Selected articles from the media correspondence are also published on your website.


The magazine has changed publisher several times. At the end of 2002 the discontinuation of the publication, which at that time was still called radio correspondence, was considered for financial reasons, which was criticized by the director of the State Agency for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM). As a result, the magazine was affiliated in 2003 with the publishing group of the Rheinischer Merkurs , which in 2010 became the dreipunktdrei mediengesellschaft mbH (a 100 percent subsidiary of the Catholic News Agency / KNA). The dreipunktdrei mediengesellschaft also publishes the trade journal film-dienst .

In February 2013 there were media reports that the discontinuation of the journal was being considered again. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger referred to a letter in which the secretary of the German Bishops' Conference for the Association of Dioceses of Germany (VDD) asked the three-point-three manager what additional funds would be needed to "liquidate the 'Funkkorrespondenz' by June 30, 2013" are required. A decision about this should be made in mid-June 2013. The managing director described the financial "saving effect" of discontinuing the paper as low.

The Institute for Media and Communication Policy (IfM) in Berlin published an appeal on March 11, 2013 on its website, in which personalities from politics, science and the media industry asked the German Bishops' Conference "urgently" to "continue the journalistic work of the 'Funkkorrespondenz' to ensure substantial ". The around 40 signatories of the appeal include Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Thierse , former Prime Minister Bernhard Vogel , Greens boss Cem Özdemir , ARD program director Volker Herres , RBB director Dagmar Reim , former ZDF director Dieter Stolte , TV presenter Gert Scobel and the President of Turner Broadcasting System International, Gerhard Zeiler (former RTL managing director).

On April 22, 2013, the Permanent Council of the German Bishops' Conference decided at its meeting in Würzburg that radio correspondence should be continued. A spokesman for the bishops' conference told the KNA on April 23. With that, the considerations to discontinue the specialist service are over. The Permanent Council particularly appreciated the media-ethical, media-educational and media-political commitment of the radio correspondence, said the spokesman for the Bishops' Conference. RBB director Dagmar Reim welcomed the decision to continue the radio correspondence. In a message from the broadcaster on April 23, 2013, Reim was quoted as saying: “An important medium for the critical accompaniment of our guild remains. This is good news for all media professionals who have recently had to hear bad news from their industry. Persistence, factual research and journalistic curiosity characterize the 'Funkkorrespondenz', it is good to know that its existence is assured. "

On January 1, 2015, radio correspondence was renamed to media correspondence. Two editors are currently working on the media correspondence. In 2002, editor-in-chief Dieterschlag and author Dietrich Leder were awarded the Bert Donnepp ​​Prize for media journalism for their work on (then) Funkkorrespondenz .

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