Archivio Veneto

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The Archivio Veneto is an Italian historical journal founded in 1871 and published by the Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Venezie in Venice . Her focus is on the history of Veneto and the Republic of Venice .

The Archivio Veneto comprises five series, namely Archivio Veneto , 1871–1890 (80 fascicles), Nuovo Archivio Veneto , prima serie, 1891–1900 (40 fascicles), Nuovo Archivio Veneto , nuova series, 1901–1921 (76), Archivio Veneto -Tridentino , 1922–1926 (10) and since 1927 the Archivio Veneto , series V.

The inventory of articles and reviews is indexed through five index volumes.

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