Arnobius the Elder

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Early modern fantasy picture of Arnobius

Arnobius (the elder, also Arnobius Afer ; † around 330) was a rhetorician in Sicca Veneria in Numidia around the year 300 . The semi-Pelagian church writer Arnobius the Younger , bishop in Gaul around 450, should not be confused with him.


Arnobius was probably of Berber descent and came from what is now Le Kef in Tunisia. At first he was a zealous opponent of Christianity ; but through a dream face he is said to have found the Christian faith. Since the bishop did not believe his sudden change of heart and did not want to accept him into the Christian community, shortly after the persecution of Christians under Diocletian , Arnobius wrote his apology Disputationes adversus gentes , also known as Adversus nationes , to prove his faith. Hieronymus mentions Arnobius as the teacher of the rhetorician and church father Lactantius .


A detailed description of his allegory of the cave, as well as the history of its impact and how it differs from that of Plato or Aristotle , can be found in Hans Blumenberg's “Cave Exits”.


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