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Arnold Matthias Brunckhorst , also Arnold (us) Melchior, Andreas Matthias, Martin or other variants; he himself usually signed with Arnoldÿ Matthias Brunckhorst (* around 1670/75 in or near Celle ; † probably 1725 in Hanover ) was a German composer and organist at the north German organ school .


Was Brunckhorst since 1693 in Hildesheim as organist first at the Church St. Martini, from 1695 to 1697 then at St. Andrew worked. On September 25, 1697 he was appointed organist of the town church of Celle by Duke Georg Wilhelm von Braunschweig-Lüneburg . In 1720 he finally became court organist in Hanover , where he remained until his death.

According to the records, in addition to his performance as an organist and composer, Brunckhorst also occupied himself with organ building, as he was involved in the expansion of the organs in Hildesheim and Hanover.


Manuscript of the prelude in G minor

Only one organ work, a prelude in E minor, has survived under Brunckhorst's full name . Since a style-critical investigation by Kollmannsperger, a prelude in G minor, earlier attributed to Nicolaus Bruhns , whose author is Mons: Prunth. is considered to be another work by Brunckhorst. In addition, a piano sonata and two cantatas have survived.

  • Prelude in E minor for organ
  • Prelude in G minor for organ
  • Sonata in poco presto in A major for piano / harpsichord
  • In festo nativitate Christi , Christmas cantata for 4 voices and 6 instruments
  • Score Auf Easter , cantata for 4 voices, instruments and basso continuo
  • Passion music dedicated to Duke Georg Wilhelm (lost)

The manuscripts of the works are in the Berlin State Library .

Several interpretations of Brunckhorst's Prelude have been published on phonograms. A complete recording of his works was released in 1999 by the Ensemble musica poetica Freiburg under the title Opera omnia by hänssler CLASSIC.


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