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0.7 liter bottle of Aromatique, 2012 (Spirituosenfabrik Aromatique GmbH Neudietendorf)
0.7 liter bottle of Aromatique, 2005
Advertisement by Th.Lappe from 1904
Invoice form from Lappe, around 1930

Aromatique (colloquially "Aro") is a spice liqueur . The taste differs significantly from other herbal liqueurs.

The alcohol content of the specialty, produced today by two manufacturers, is 40 percent by volume , the basis for production are spices . Aromatique is sold in different bottle sizes from 0.02 liters to one liter. Traditionally, the "Aro" is bottled in square bottles. This tradition was only briefly interrupted during material shortages in the GDR .


At the beginning of the 19th century, the Neudietendorfer pharmacist Daniel Thraen produced an alcohol-containing medicine from herbs for the first time on the occasion of the outbreak of an epidemic and named it tinctura aromatica composita . As demand increased over time - even after the epidemic ended - this liqueur was further developed by the subsequent pharmacist Theodor Lappe and sold as bitters from 1828 .

Since then, the Aromatique has been produced by various companies in different flavors and advertised as "an excellent stimulating and strengthening herbal liqueur for digestion and appetite" (advertising by Hugo Frenzel, around 1900).

From 1945 to the mid-1950s, Neudietendorf still had a total of five aromatic factories. Since 1976 there is only one manufacturer in Neudietendorf who produces this herbal liqueur. The other companies of the Aromatique manufacturers in Neudietendorf ceased to exist due to the departure of the owners from the Soviet zone or the GDR.

In 1972 the Th. Kramer & Co brandy and liqueur factory was forcibly nationalized and henceforth operated as VEB Aromatique Neudietendorf . In 1991 the company was transferred back to the last previous owner, Hans Baumbach, who ran it from then on as the Aromatique GmbH spirits factory. In 1995 the company moved to new production facilities in the Neudietendorf industrial park, where currently (as of spring 2012) over 20 employees on two filling lines are responsible for the manufacture of products from distillation to delivery throughout Germany.

The companies Lappe, Schultz and Nordhaus continued to produce their Aromatique specialties for a while in West Germany . So z. B. the company Th. Lappe in Neu-Isenburg . The Schultz-Aromatique was produced in Katlenburg by the Katlenburger Kellerei Dr. Demuth GmbH & Co. KG, which is known for its fruit wine production. None of these manufacturers produce Aromatique anymore.

In 2013 the production of Aromatique ( Echt Dünnebiers Aromatique - finest spicy bitter ) was resumed in Jößnitz based on the recipe from the former Zwickau company EG Dünnebier.

The former advertising slogan of the Neudietendorfer company "Serves your stomach, creates wellbeing" was replaced in 1991 by "An AROMATIQUE belongs to it" due to the German legislation .

List of previous Aromatique manufacturers

  • Pharmacist Th. Lappe: Lappe's Aromatique , founded in 1828, the actual (a) real Aromatique , later managed by J. Lappes heirs
  • Andreas Schultz: Schultz-Aromatique , founded in 1858
  • Th. Kramer & Co. Brandy and Liqueur Factory, Echter Dietendorfer Kramer Aromatique, 40% by volume of bitters ; 1876 ​​Reinhold Schmidt founded as a brandy and liqueur factory; from 1897 as Th. Kramer & Co.
  • Hugo Frenzel, Gotha: Aechter Aromatique. Finest stomach liqueur 35 vol.%
  • EF Hundert
  • J. Bauer
  • Company GL Ohrberg
  • Bruno Favre
  • Tempel & Otto Magdeburg
  • C. Weber Inh. Ernst Falk: Real Aromatique
  • Arthur Nordhaus (formerly C. Weber)
  • VEB Aromatique Neudietendorf: (Real) Neudietendorfer Aromatique 40% by volume bitters
  • Otto Magnus, Hanover
  • Ferd. Brandt, Liqueur Factory , Erfurt: Aechter Aromatique brand Magen-Doctor Finest gastric liqueur 40 vol.%
  • Edmund Tuch: Aechter Aromatique , Dietendorf
  • EG Dünnebier, Zwickau iS, Aromatique Finest Stomach Liqueur 40% by volume

Today's Aromatique Manufacturers

  • Spirituosenfabrik Aromatique GmbH Neudietendorf (formerly Th. Kramer & Co brandy and liqueur factory ): Echter Neudietendorfer Aromatique 40% by volume spice bitters (until 2004 bitters ), founded in 1876
  • Bernd Gallon, Plauen: Echt Dünnebiers Aromatique - finest spicy bitter 40% vol. , Founded in 2013

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