Art Bears

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Art Bears
General information
Genre (s) Progressive rock
founding 1976
resolution 1982
Founding members
Guitar , bass , violin etc. a.
Fred Frith
Percussion , lyrics
Chris Cutler
Dagmar Krause

Art Bears was an experimental, avant-garde rock group . It emerged in 1978 from the remnants of the progressive group Henry Cow , was conceived from the beginning as a short-term experiment and disbanded again in 1982. The trio consisted of Fred Frith (guitar, bass, violin and others), Chris Cutler (percussion, lyrics) and Dagmar Krause (voice). Her music often took up political , mostly Marxist / socialist- tinged positions ( e.g. in quotes and allusions by Hanns Eisler ) and, despite its orientation towards conventional song structures, unfolded great complexity.

Cutler and Frith also gave concerts without Dagmar Krause, a. a. on the CDs Live in Moscow, Prague & Washington (1990) and 2 Gentlemen In Verona (2000).

Discography (selection)

  • Hopes and Fears (1978)
  • Winter Songs (1979)
  • Rats & Monkeys / Collapse (1979)
  • The World as It Is Today (1981)
  • All Hail (1982)
  • The Art Box (2004), 6 CDs, with all releases and additional remixes

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