Arteria choroidea anterior

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The anterior choroid artery ( AChA ) is a paired artery . It is usually a branch of the left or right internal carotid artery . Very rarely, in less than 1 percent of cases, the anterior choroid artery also arises from the M1 segment of the middle cerebral artery ( arteria cerebri media ) or from the posterior communicating artery .

Coverage areas

It is named after the choroid plexus in the lateral ventricle , which the artery supplies with blood. In addition, the artery supplies the rear half of the rear limb of the internal capsule (capsula interna) including the visual and acoustic radiation , medial portions of the globus pallidus , the optic tract , the tail of the caudate nucleus (cauda caudate nucleus), the in temporal lobe located Uncus , posteriomediale portions of the amygdala (amygdaloid body), the anterior hippocampus , the dentate gyrus , the outer half of the lateral geniculate body and the middle third of the cerebrum leg (crura cerebri). It is controversial whether the anterior choroid artery is also involved in supplying the thalamus .

Medical importance

Occlusion of the anterior choroid artery causes ischemic stroke . They are mostly lacunar cerebral infarctions due to microangiopathic changes in the artery. Other possible causes are arterio-arterial embolism from the internal carotid artery and cardiac embolism . The syndrome caused by occlusions of the anterior chorid artery is variable and can also be asymptomatic. Typical are motor and / or sensitive half -sided symptoms on the opposite side of the lesion and a homonymous hemianopia (half-sided visual field loss in which the visual field defect is on the same side in both eyes) also on the opposite side. In addition, speech disorders ( aphasia ) and cognitive disorders can occur.

Individual evidence

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