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legal form
founding 1978
resolution 1997
Seat Japan
Branch Animation studio

Artmic ( Japanese ア ー ト ミ ッ ク Ātomikku , abbreviation for Art and Modern Ideology for Creation ) was a Japanese animation studio. It was founded in 1978 by Toshimichi Suzuki , who previously worked at Tatsunoko Pro . The studio's best-known works include the original video animation Megazone 23 , which sold over 100,000 times in Japan, Bubblegum Crisis , Gall Force and Riding Bean .

In the mid-1990s, the company ran into financial difficulties and quickly lost many employees and licensees. In 1997 it went bankrupt. The rights to the anime produced went to the co-producers such as AIC and Youmex , who also took over the debts, but were at times controversial. In some of the works, such as those with the participation of Kenichi Sonoda , this change in rights led to renaming for further publications, sequels and remakes.


Original video animation

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