Kenichi Sonoda

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Kenichi Sonoda ( Japanese 園田 健 一 , Sonoda Ken'ichi ; born December 13, 1962 in Takaishi , Osaka Prefecture ) is a Japanese mangaka who also designed the character design for several anime .


The first anime Sonoda worked on, the sports story Wanna Bees , sold poorly in the video market. With the OVA Gall Force , created in the same year at Studio Artmic , he made his breakthrough as a character designer. The Bubblegum Crisis , which appeared in 1987 , finally became an international success and made Sonoda known beyond the borders of Japan. Riding Bean was the first anime designed entirely by Sonoda.

In addition to his work, Kenichi Sonoda also drew many dōjinshi and created the character design for numerous computer games.



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