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Exaxxion (subtitled The Cannon God ) is a science fiction mecha manga from the cartoonist Kenichi Sonoda . The first edition appeared in Japan in 1998.


Exaxxion portrays the invasion of a powerful alien race. The action is set in Japan. The main character in the story is Hoichi Kano , a typical Japanese school boy.

The Faldians , interstellar visitors, have been living peacefully with humans on earth for ten years . But peace is deceptive, the extraterrestrials strive from the beginning for power over the earth. Using a sophisticated deception, the Faldians can transport an invincible combat robot to earth. This works with secret technologies, e.g. B. with antigravity . The Faldians take control and declare the people to be their slaves. They are installing an unscrupulous colonial rule that no one can stand in the way without dying.

Hoichi's grandfather, the ingeniously mad scientist Hosuke Kano , warned against the Faldians for a long time. Now he wants to drive the invaders off the earth. During his research, he discovered the secret techniques of the Faldians, rather by chance - and he has a gigantic robot: the so-called XXX unit , which works with antimatter and antigravity. In the tradition of Japanese mecha series, the XXX unit requires a human pilot. The scientist wants his grandson to take over this job.

After the Faldians seize power, Hoichi is instructed in his new role as a mecha pilot. To support him, he also receives a special battle suit and a generously proportioned android named Isaka . Isaka mostly appears as a schoolgirl, but through transformation she can also take on any other shape.

The Faldians are appalled that someone on earth has their techniques at their disposal. They use all means to get the XXX unit into their possession - or to destroy it if necessary. A costly war breaks out, which is only decided in the vastness of space.


The manga was published from August 1997 to May 2004 in Afternoon magazine from Kodansha in Japan. The individual chapters also appeared in seven anthologies.

In the US, Exaxxion was published as a five-volume edition by Dark Horse Comics . The French edition was published by Glénat , the Polish by Egmont Polska .

The German version was published from 2002 to 2005 by Egmont Manga & Anime as a paperback in seven volumes. The Japanese reading direction was not retained, the pages are mirrored according to western orientation.


The manga was nominated for the Seiun Prize in 2005.

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