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Afternoon his manga magazine.png
description Manga magazine
Area of ​​Expertise His
language Japanese
publishing company Kōdansha ( Japan )
First edition January 25, 1986
Frequency of publication per month
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Afternoon ( Japanese 月刊 ア フ タ ヌ ー ン , Gekkan Afutanūn ) is a Japanese manga magazine aimed at young men ( his own ). It is a sister magazine to Morning .

The magazine appears on the 25th in the previous month of the number printed by the Kōdansha publishing house at a price of 700 yen for 800 to 900 pages. The main part of the magazine is made up of various chapters from almost 30 manga series and manga short stories. These are mostly comedy or romance stories like Oh! My Goddess or serious historical epics like Blade of the Immortal . However, several experimental and partly alternative manga such as Naru Taru appear in the Afternoon , as it gives its artists a lot of freedom with regard to the plot. Many of the series are also filmed as anime .

Afternoon first appeared on January 25, 1986 as a supplement to Morning. The magazine had its highest circulation between 1994 and 1995. At that time one issue contained about 1000 pages. In 2005 it had an average circulation of 134,000 copies per issue and a decrease of 7.4% compared to the previous year. Since November 7, 2008, the sister magazine Good! Afternoon .

Since 1987, the magazine has been awarding the Shiki-shō ( 四季 賞 ) to new, talented mangaka . This award went to Tsutomu Nihei , Risu Akizuki and Hiroki Endo , among others .

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