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Eden - It's an Endless World! (in the original EDEN 〜 It's an Endless World! 〜 ) is a manga series by the Japanese draftsman Hiroki Endo . The work has been translated into several languages ​​and comprises over 3,600 pages.

Eden is set in the near future of our reality after a pandemic kills 15 percent of the world's population, with the main location being South America . The manga can be categorized as science fiction and its .



The closure virus , discovered in South Africa in 2060, causes a pandemic . The virus leads to the encapsulation of the body, the skin petrifies and the inside dies. The disease causes the world population to decline by 15% and the collapse of the UN.

The two children Enoa and Hanna live with their protector Maurice Rain on the Virgin Island of Eden in a biosphere from the 1990s. The children are immune to the virus that killed almost everyone around them. Rain is also sick and is getting weaker and weaker. Enoa finds an old combat robot named Cherubim in the vicinity of the property , which he makes functional again. One day, UN helicopters land on the island. The commander, who wants to bring the children into civilization to develop antibodies against the infection, is shot by his companions, members of the Propatria organization, including Enoa's father. Enoa then brings cherubim to kill the intruders. After Rain dies as a result of the virus, Enoa and Hanna leave Eden with the robot Cherubim.

In the following time the organization Propatria acquired great power in parts of the world and divided this into Gnosia , its sphere of influence, and Agnosia . Agnosia includes the Islamic Federation. There are frequent wars, as Propatria wants to expand its sphere of influence, as well as ethnic cleansing. Another group, the nomads , form a global military network that arose from the remains of various peoples.

Main storyline

20 years later, the young Eliah is traveling alone in South America with his robot cherubim through the ruins of ruined and abandoned cities. After he found a mini-floppy disk in the body of a boy, he is captured by a guerrilla group that wants to penetrate the Propatria organization. Among these is Sophia, a woman who lives in the synthetic body of a child. They are led by the Georgian Nazarbayev Khan, a former member of the army. The guerrillas also include the Black Wycliff and the Japanese Kenji. Eliah's father, Enoa, has become the most powerful drug lord in South America, while Eliah's mother, Hanna, and his sister, Mana, were captured by Propatria to put pressure on Enoa. Eliah and Cherubim accompany the guerrillas on their way through the Andes.

On their way they meet a group of other guerrillas who kill them. After the fight, they release two surviving women who were with the guerrillas. But the prostitute Helena and the Indian girl Katia are soon found by Propatrias soldiers. The guerrillas free them again and the two women now accompany them. Soon afterwards there is a fight against the troops of Propatrias. Although these can be defeated, Katia and Wycliff die in the process. The others are picked up by Tony Amoa, a subordinate of Enoa, and troops of the Nomad and brought to Agnosia.

In the following period, Sophia is examined by Nomad, using the Maya program , which appears to her in the form of a young man. Meanwhile, Eliah wants to free his mother and sister. When the negotiations between Enoa and Propatria fail, both of them and the body of Mayan, which she wants to take into her possession, are at the city's airport. This leads to a fight in which Maya can be downloaded into her body by Sophia , but Eliah's mother is seriously injured. Mana is taken away from Propatria and Maya joins them voluntarily.

After the incident, Eliah finds accommodation with Helena, who works in a brothel in town. Conflicts arise with the local mafia as they take in the ill-treated and drug addict Manuela to protect her. Meanwhile, Eliah uses the acquaintances he has through his father to give Cherubim a new body, to free his sister and to continue fighting against Propatria. But soon Helena is kidnapped by Manuela's former pimp and lover.


The narrative often jumps between individual storylines at different times. The prehistory is only gradually explained in flashbacks. Later, individual flashbacks are devoted to the lives of individual characters and their development.

Origin and publications

For Hiroki Endo, the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion was the inspiration and cause of the manga. He let his feelings, which "fell off" while watching the series , flow into Eden.

The manga was published from 1997 to 2008 in the Japanese manga magazine Afternoon of the Kodansha publishing house. The story was first published in paperback in April 1998 and is available in its entirety in 18 volumes.

The manga was published in English by Dark Horse Comics in the US and Titan Books in the UK. It has also been translated into French, Polish and Portuguese, among others. All 18 paperbacks were published in German by Egmont Manga and Anime until May 2009 . The German translation is by Ute Jun Maaz.

Individual evidence

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