Anime International Company

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Anime International Company

legal form Kabushiki-gaisha (joint stock company)
founding July 15, 1982
Seat Nakamura Kita, Nerima , Tokyo
management Tōru Miura
Branch Animation studio

KK Anime International Company ( Japanese 株式会社 ア ニ メ ・ イ ン タ ー ナ シ ョ ナ ル カ ン パ ニ ー , Kabushiki-gaisha Anime Intānashonaru Kampanī ), often abbreviated as AIC , is a Japanese animation studio.


The studio was founded on July 15, 1982 in Tokyo and had the goal of serving not only domestically produced and consumed series but also foreign productions. For example, the Inspector Gadget series was partially produced by AIC. In 2003 the studio was divided into AIC Digital ( AIC デ ジ タ ル ) and AIC Spirits ( AIC ス ピ リ ッ ツ ) in Nerima , and AIC ASTA (now AIC ASTA ) in Nishitōkyō . In 2006 the studio AIC Takarazuka ( AIC 宝 塚 ) was founded in Takarazuka and AIC Plus + ( AIC PLUS + ) in Nishitōkyō . Her first works were in 2007 at AIC Takarazuka working on Gainax ' Gurren Lagann and at AIC Plus + working on SynergySP's Hayate no Gotoku! . In 2010 the studios AIC Build and AIC Classic were added, bringing the total number to seven. AIC Build released its first production from October 2010 with the light novel adaptation Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai , while AIC Classic produced a series for the November 2011 program block with the manga adaptation Hōrō Musuko .


As a director , Kazuhito Akiyama has been involved in many of the studio's productions. The man, who was born in Hokkaidō in 1950 , worked as a director beforehand - albeit for documentary films . In 1980 he switched to the anime industry and worked for the studios Green Box and Anime Friend Studios, whereby the work often overlapped with those of AIC through collaborations and ultimately also led to Akiyama switching to AIC in 1986 and there at the first known anime in the Gall Force series and Bubblegum Crisis .



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