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411: Division of the Iberian Peninsula between Alanen, Suebi, Asdingen (north-west) and Silingen (south), the north-east initially remained Roman

The Asdingen (also Hasdingen and Haddingjar ) were a sub-tribe of the Vandals , which can be traced in the 2nd century AD in the area of ​​today's Romania and Hungary and is later mentioned in the sources again during the migration period .

During the Marcomann Wars under Marcus Aurelius , the Asdingen in northern Dacia were involved in battles with the Roman Empire . At the time of the imperial crisis of the 3rd century , the Asdingen are mentioned as one of the auxiliary peoples of King Ostrogotha .

At the end of the 3rd century they united with the second Vandal sub-tribe, the Silingen , and invaded the Roman Empire again around 401. In 406 they took part in the Germanic advance into Gaul ( Rhine crossing from 406 ) and invaded Spain three years later (409).

Under the leadership of the Asdingian king Geiseric , an association of Asdingian and Silingian vandals crossed with Alans to North Africa in 429 and established an empire there that existed until 533.



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