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411: Division of the Iberian Peninsula between Alanen, Suebi , Asdingen (north-west) and Silingen (south), the north-east initially remained Roman
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The Silingen (also Silinger , Sillingen , Latin Silingae ) were an East Germanic sub-tribe of the Vandals , who settled in the area of ​​today's Silesia. Possibly the name Silesia derives from the Silingen. Some translators of older sources refer to the Geographike Hyphegesis by Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Together with the Vandal Asdingen , the Silingen 406 invaded Gaul . They moved on to Spain and settled there in the province of Baetica ( about today's Andalusia ). After decisive defeats in battles with the Visigoths , the remnants of the Silingen submitted to the Asdingen kings. Under the leadership of Geiserich , they moved to Africa together with Asdingen and Alanen and established the Empire of the Vandals, which existed until 533 .


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