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The Assoverlag is a publisher based in Oberhausen , Nordrhein-Westfalen , which specializes in contemporary and present related literature from the Ruhr.

Assoverlag was founded in 1970 by Anneliese Althoff and Annemarie Stern. Derived from the term “association”, the publishing house was involved in the early years for authors with socio-political and historical-political works. In 2005 Ernst Gerlach, the former Mülheim City Director and CEO of NRW.Bank , bought the ailing publisher and restructured the program; his wife Inge Gerlach took over the management. In addition to the socio-political literature in the Ruhr area, fiction works and non-fiction books have now also been published, such as David LR Litchfield's The Thyssen Dynasty - The Truth Behind the Myth (2008).


The authors who publish in Assoverlag include and included Hans Dieter Baroth , Hartmut Kasper , Michael Klaus , David RL Litchfield, Jürgen Lodemann and Inge Meyer-Dietrich .

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