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Outsider Front Runner (Subtitle: Customer Service for the Curious ) is a TV show by the MDR . It was broadcast on GDR television from 1972 , is the longest running entertainment program on German television and has survived to this day as one of three series of programs on GDR television.


The program presents curious and subtle things, such as people with unusual hobbies and talents, unusual inventions or unusual records (for example: who has the most first names?). The moderators ring the doorbell for the people concerned, who are mostly recommended from their circle of friends.

At the end of the program, new questions are displayed that can be discussed in the next episode. The show's motto, aimed at the audience, is: "And always stay curious."


Hans-Joachim Wolfram had the idea for the program with the intention of creating a counterpart to various music programs. It was first broadcast on June 18, 1972 on GDR television. In this, the moderators Hans-Joachim Wolfram and Hans-Joachim Wolle investigated the question of whether an opera prompter reads or sings.

Until 1993, Hans-Joachim Wolle was co-host of the show, which became known through interviews on the nudist beach. He asked the bathers, also only “dressed” with his tape recorder, about the rules of behavior on naked holidays. Wool was replaced by Christine Stüber-Errath , who ended her television work in 2007 for personal reasons. After that, Hans-Joachim Wolfram was the sole presenter of the show until his daughter Katja, who has been responsible for the show's viewer contacts since 2001, became a co-presenter.

On May 31, 2006, the 300th episode was shown on MDR.

In 2003, the presenter and producer Hans-Joachim Wolfram published a book about the history of this program with the title 30 years of outsiders, leaders.

On December 14, 2011, Hans-Joachim Wolfram presented the program for the last time. In January 2012, Madeleine Wehle took his place.


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