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An audio file is a file on a computer or some digital storage media such as B. CDs that contain audio data such as music or speech .

There are different formats such as B. WAV , Ogg-Vorbis or MP3 . WAV files are uncompressed and therefore offer very good sound quality, but take up a relatively large amount of storage space. Other file formats such as MP3 or Ogg-Vorbis compress the data, often to around 1/10 of the raw data, but are usually lossy, which can sometimes lead to audible changes. Information, i.e. the piece of music itself, is encoded with a specific algorithm . There are now a large number of coding methods and the most varied of formats . Some formats contain additional functions, for example they allow variable bit rates or can save additional information such as artist, author or title of the audio content in so-called ' tags '.

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